Summer Jobs For an Advantage in College Admissions


Expectedly so, colleges look at many different factors when they admit students. Among them are the jobs you hold while you’re in and out of high school. Summer jobs, in particular, can show a lot of responsibility and maturity at an early age. When choosing between working at a restaurant or interning at an accounting firm, you should consider the pay ( of course) as well as how each opportunity can help you get into the right college. The best job is related to your intended area of study, allows you access to leaders in your industry and provides direct experience into your future career. If you follow these factors, you’ll earn cash and start your career in the span of a few summer months.


Jobs in your area of study

What do you want to be when you grown up? If it’s a chef, restaurant manager or a hospitality executive, then working at your local restaurant or cafe sounds like the perfect place to begin. However, if technology is your passion than a food service or retail job is barking up the wrong tree. Experts on college admissions will tell you that working for a bank will help you if you plan on studying finance, for example. And if you’re in doubt as to what you should do, ask around. Talk to your mentors and find people pursuing the careers of interest to you. Learn what might impress them, and where they began. Follow in their footsteps as you chart your own course.


Work with leaders of your industry

The more experience you have, the better. But every expert was once a beginner, so it’s important to find a helping hand along the way. Call it an internship, apprenticeship or summer job, but find opportunities to work with influencers in your industry. It could be your boss, a family friend or someone you found on LinkedIn. You’ll be surprised how often leaders are looking to invest in the next generation. For them, it’s about giving back and to you it’s another learning opportunity. Not only are you demonstrating your ability to identify and follow top leaders, but you’re growing your business network beyond your immediate family. Your future career thanks you.


Get experience in your field

Getting a job working with an influencer in your industry is not enough. For instance, if you want to be a lawyer but only find yourself working in the mailroom of a top law firm, your experience may not translate  into a law career. Instead, you could be working as an assistant to a partner, paralegal or second year associate. The idea is to work as close as possible to the type of job you want in the long-run. This way, you gain knowledge and a network.

If you get a job in your area of study, work with leaders of industry and get experience in your field, your summer stint may lead to a lasting career.