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Get Your SAT Practice Test

If you’re looking for a free SAT practice test, there are many resources to prepare you for the big day. The SAT, along with the ACT, provides colleges with a standardized way to measure your knowledge, skills, and ability to handle college-level work. Choosing between the two depends on the college you’re applying to, so be sure to look at the admission requirements for the college of your choice to know which test to take.

About the SAT

The new SAT features sections that test your reading, writing and mathematical reasoning abilities. You can’t study for the test the way you can study for a test in school. Memorizing words or formulas helps a little, but not much. To do well on the SAT, you need to familiarize yourself with the test questions and format.

The test takes about three hours and 30 minutes to take, which includes time for breaks. You’ll take the test on the computer with scrap paper provided in the testing area. You have to register for the test in advance, so be sure to sign up several weeks in advance so that you have adequate time to practice and prepare.

Practicing for the SAT

They say that practice makes perfect, and that’s true for many things in life, including the SAT. The test format probably isn’t unfamiliar to you. It’s mostly multiple-choice questions, with essay questions on a separate, optional section.

It’s probably not the question formats that may throw you off, but the time constraints in each section. The test moves at a rapid pace, and you can’t linger on any one question too long. Practicing with free SAT practice tests is a great way to prepare for the actual test day.

Free SAT Practice Tests: Find Them Online

There are many places to find free SAT practice tests online. The College Board, maker of the test itself, actually offers free practice tests. You can’t beat going to the “source” of the questions to practice the test!

The following list of free SAT practice test sites will help you get started on your journey. We’ve also put together a weekly schedule to help you practice for the SAT.

  • The College Board: The makers of the SAT provide free practice tests on their website, along with guidance and instruction on how to take the test. There’s also a free practice question of the day in case you tend to procrastinate. There’s something about receiving a free question in an email every day that makes you take the practice question, and taking a practice question a day is an easy and relatively painless way of practicing.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is the official practice center for the test. They offer free SAT practice tests online as well as other help in person and via their website.
  • PowerScore: PowerScore offers four free SAT practice tests for you to choose from on their website. You can take them all at once, or take one per week while you review the sections of the test as part of your practice.
  • KapTest: KapTest offers a free in-person SAT test with answers that will help you get a feel for the test and the conditions under which you will take it. If you prefer an in person option, this might be for you.

SAT Test Practice Videos

Some people learn best by watching videos. If you’re like that, then consider one of the many free SAT practice videos on YouTube.

  • Kaplan Test Prep offers a great introductory video that explains the new SAT. Included are graphics and a voiceover that explains the test in clear, simple language.
  • Radical Prep offers specific guidance on the Math section, including tips and tricks demonstrated on screen.
  • The Princeton Review also offers good guides on practicing for the SAT via video.

Getting a “perfect” score on the SAT would be great, but doing your best is fine, too. Colleges look at many things when they consider potential students. Your overall high school grades, letters of recommendation from teachers, and your application essay, combined with your SAT scores, create the total picture of who you are and whether or not you are ready for college. By practicing for the SAT using our free SAT practice tests you’ll help yourself do your best on the big day.